Barsaz Roydad Pars Co. (BRP Co.)

BRP Company has been founded as one the principal organizers of specialized trade shows in Mashhad International Exhibition Center after outsourcing stage. The company is leading in using modern tools and techniques for Managing, Marketing and organizing specialized trade events.
From the beginning we focused on three main fields of Food and Food processing, Agriculture and related machineries as well as printing and packaging.
Strategic position of Iran in the region and its eager to develop especially in modernizing Industries and agriculture makes the country in the special situation. Moreover, lifting sanctions provides great opportunities for expanding international trade with other countries. BRP Company is trying to facilitate international trades with Iran to make profits for all parties and with the objective to modernize Iran’s Industry and agriculture.

Why Us

BRP Co. has an extensive experience in organizing international and national exhibitions. Yet, our experience is not limited to the local market of Iran, since we have been in close contact with numerous major professionals in different fields of industry in neighboring countries, as they have been our exhibitors, clients or exhibition visitors. In addition, we have various shared cultural and historical backgrounds with neighboring countries, so BRP Co. has valuable information about the markets in these countries and we fully recognize their tastes and preferences which comes real handy when offering related services to our clients. By participating in our exhibitions you can benefit from this information and use our marketing services to boost your business in Iran’s large market where the population is about 80 million and there is an increasing need for foreign goods and services.By being an exhibitor in our trade shows you have easy access to the neighboring markets such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria, as well as CIS countries since in our exhibitions there are always numerous exhibitors, visitors, and delegations present to promote their business and seek international partners. Thus, using our knowledge and experience we can greatly help your marketing plan and you can pave your way to these countries through the safe path of Iran.

iFood 2021

iFood 2021 is the 23rd edition of an annual specialized event in the field of “Food and Food Processing” which will be held in Shiraz, organized by BRP Co.” Iran with a population of almost 80 million and a GDP of 370 billion USD in 2013 will be one of the most interesting market places in the upcoming years. The increasing output of Iranian agriculture and food processing industry does not only cater for the fast growing Iranian population but also the neighboring Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan as well as Persian Gulf countries.
Considering the important and outstanding role of international exhibitions in exchanging technical and commercial information and familiarity of industry owners, researchers and practitioners with the latest industrial achievements and technology of the world, and also in order to introduce the country’s production and export capabilities, the International Exhibition of Food and Food Processing will be held from 25-29 of January 2021 at Fars International Permanent Fairground.

About Venue

Fars International Exhibition company established in a pleasant climate region of Shiraz in an area about 760000 Sqm and has been hold successfully more than 600 international & special Exhibition in different fields like Building industry, Medical, Agriculture, oil & gas equipment, Electronic & computer, Gold & Jewelry that visited by professional visitors.
This site has been evaluated by UFI experts and now is a member of UFI with global standards.
Long Shiraz is famous as a pole of Electronic, Medical, Agriculture & University in Islamic Republic of Iran.
Shiraz the capital of Fars province. The biggest city in south region of Iran and famous because of natural attractions and works of Iranian ancient culture in the world.
Fars permanentfairground is the biggest exhibition sites and center of interaction in south of country and is ready to attract investors holding exhibitions.

All exhibition services include:
1- 17000 Sqm stand area(indoor)
2- 3000 Sqm stand area(outdoor)
3- 2300 Sqm storage
4- 18000 Sqm parking for exhibitors & visitors
5- 50000 Sqm green place
6- Internet(wireless)
7- Facilities (praying place, WC services, Coffee shop, Fast food, …)
8- Sport services (shooting site, car track,…)
9- Firefighting station
10- Bank

About City

Fars Province has 28 cities, 47 hotels/13 hotel-apartments. There are 4 million inhabitants in Fars Province and about 2 million in Shiraz City.
There are about 321 units for food industry in Fars industrial states co. There are about 127 thousand trade units, 3500 active traders, about 80 million dollars of import duties; on average, the contribution of the food industry of the province compared to the total industries is 20%.
According to the available information, more than 495 units of food industry are operating in the province. The province exports to 85 countries (about 80% of the province’s exports is to 15 countries and 20% to 70 other countries).
The development of exports to Iraq has grown by 11%. (Food products, cement, industrial goods, powdered extracts, tomato paste, carpets, vinegar and pickles, plastic artifacts and date features at the top of this list of exports). In 2016, the currency obtained from province’s agricultural exports were $ 200 million, which has a very high volume. Considering the unmatched capacities of agriculture, especially in the field of horticultural products, it is essential to develop the processing, printing and packaging industries in the country. The industries of Fars province are divided into two parts: 1) Tourism industry 2) Machine industry (food, chemical and electronic industries).general manager of industry, mining and trade of the province: Considering the province’s superiority in food production, lack of packaging and process industry using updated technology is one of the problems of this area.
In the year 2016, food exports had a growing trend and, on average, 88% of these exports were related to four major products, including tomato paste, all types of ice cream, concentrates, different kinds of juices, and pickles and salts.