The foodstuffs industry is as a part of the largest industries and dedicates the fifth ranks in the world. The food industry could be offered level with Iranian Carpet and Caviar industry to the international marketing and by having 12 kinds of favorable weather in this vast land and the presence of specialists allowed the industrialists and businessmen to increase their exports in these industrial fields. According to FAO statistics in 2050, the food production should be doubled by current situation for solving the international community's food needs.

Based on the investigation results, the proportion of drinks export is now 50 million dollars and predicted that exports will improve to a billion dollars. Now the drinks consumption in Iran is growing for the following reasons: 1-young population of Iran 2-growing culture of public health and increasing the public awareness about the benefits of natural drinks consumption especially packed juices. 3. Increasing the number of students in educational institutions which cause purchase and consumption of soft drinks and packaged juices.

The dairy exporting share from foodstuffs is 42.6 percent.

  • Dairy exports hit a hundred percent increase over the past year.
  • Now Iranian Dairy milk industry exports to 18 countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, the United Arabic Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, United Kingdom, Canada, Austria, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar and Georgia.
  • Over the past few months due to the removal of export barriers, the 35.7 percent of dairy products export compared to the food industry has increased to 42.6 percent.

Mashhad is the second chocolate consumer market in Iran.

  • Biscuits, bread, sweets and kinds of chocolate are allocated 26.1 percent of total food industry exporting to itself.
  • The result of the investigation from the chocolate consumption in the urbanized parts of country indicates that Mashhad is the second chocolate consumer market in Iran.
  • Chocolate is one of the few commodities in the country that the level of its exports compared to imports is positive and has far distance.

The World Bank estimates 2.3 billion dollars trade for processing machinery and packaging industries up to year of 2030 in the Middle East and Africa. Food machinery as the first part of the food production and packaging machinery as the last stage of production, until the product reaches the customers, are very worthwhile.
Increasing the food production will lead to increase of production, import and export of food machinery, packaging and heating and cooling systems. In the year of 2014-15, the export of food machinery was announced about 38 million and 700 thousand dollars that majority of it has been to neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates and…
Khorasan province as the food industry hub of country and due to neighboring by Afghanistan has great potential in the export and sale of food related machinery and the heating and cooling systems.