Name Activity Field
A.Rossi design and manufacturing of fruit and tomato processing and complete aseptic filling/canning lines since 1960
Abtin Pazhoohesh Kavir
Abtoona Sabz Tarem
Alborz Steel Pars Ghadir Importer & Distributer S.S Pipes, Sheets,Coils, Round Bars, Fittings & Valves.
Ara Cellulose Fars Carton and sheet
Aria KGK Printing and packaging solutions, Quality control instruments
Arnoosha Herbal plants processing
Art Pack Industrial Group Designer and manufacturer of machinery for production and packaging of food, dairy and chemical industries
Arta Sanat Alborz Cold press
ARTA TEJARAT ZARRIN CO. Production and investment to create and participate in manufacturing / service / trading companies producing pasta
Ashoori Industrial Group Designer and Manufacturer of complete tomato paste line , continuous evaporator  , turbo extractor , Pasteurizer , hot break , cold break , batching system , sorting …
Atrineh Wheat germ producer
Azin Naghshe Doran Printing and packaging solutions, Quality control instruments
Bagha Sanat Isatis food machinery
Bargozideh Noavaran Tabiat Talaee Beans products
Barkooh Sanat Kavir Food machinery
Bekrdaneh food machinery
Bidestan kala Steel sheets production
Bistoun dairy dairy
Bokhar Taghtir Dairy products processing
BRITANNIA INDUSTRIES LTD Food manufacturing – Biscuits, Rusk, Cakes , Breads, Dairy
Charmeh packaging industries Packing Machinery
Chasb Gostar Sirjan Manufacturing Co. Manufacturer of Various Consumable Chemicals in CIP, COP, Personal Care, Lubrication in Various Industries.
Common Stok Company The Jovain Agricultural & Industrial – Citric Acid plant Production of citric acid monohydrate and anhydrous
Derakice co Production and distribution of hygienic ice packed
DONYA INDUSTRIAL PLASTIC AND GLASS Multi – layer Polythylene Tanks/Van/Glass, Jar and Bottle
Dozhpad Shelving, warehouse and shop equipment
Ekramian Food machinery
Elham Chap Espadan Printing and packaging solutions, Quality control instruments
Farachap Printing and packaging solutions, Quality control instruments
Foroogh Paizan Production and distribution of biscuits, wafers, cakes and cookies
Garma Gostaran Behineh Saz Co. (GGBS) Pomps of industrial food
Gashta Sanat mashhad Co Manufactuer of coding machines,shrink wrapping,packing machines and air curtains
Gol Assali
Golbarg Nahavand Dairy
Goldasht Shorries and Marinades
Golghaterh Herbal tea
Golha Food Industries Food Products
Halal World Organization Issuance and Renewal of Halal
International Certificate & ISO
Hame Ashena Food Induatries Flavored rice
Hami Tejarat Aral Packing Machinery
Hashemi Steel Food Machinery
Hava Abzar Tabriz Comprossor , Filteration and Chiller
Hegmatan Roya Disposable containers
Javdan Setareh Zivieh
Kamjed Food processing machineries and equipment
karafan Engeeniring Co.
KaraPress Cold Press Oil Machine
Khoozestan Packaging Industrial (Ahvaz Carton) Carton
Kian Toos Saffron saffron
Kooshesh Sanat Shiraz Packing Machinery
Mahallat food Mahallat food productsco.
Mashhad Behrouz Jam and canned food production
Ministry of Fars Province Agriculture-Jahad
Minoo Fars Food Industries Production and sales of liquid sugar date palm, concentrate dates, date paste
Naser Heydari Industrial Group Naser Industrial Group
Negah Farda Management Consultation Group Consultation, management, sales managing and market research
Noavr Toos Saee capping the can Machinery, Recovery is 25% more than four cubes, i.e. about 200 cans per minute, with the same consumption of four cubes and less depletion by removing a transmission gear,all future stencils will increase by 65% ​​compared to the current four current barrels, about 250 cans per minute, and the Derby tank with a capacity of 1500 doors for ease of operation and efficiency of the device
Omidan Packaging Industries Can Making
omran moje sorkh ara(madota) food/honey
Pars Niushanik Herbal tea
Parsin GostarJonoub Manufacturer: Ceiling and wall panels
Isolated refrigerated containers
Cold storage door
parsingostarjonob Manufacturer: Ceiling and wall panels
Isolated refrigerated containers
Cold storage door
Pectin producer of all types of peanut butter, sesame butter, pistachios butter and hazelnut butter and all types of fruit and vegetable puree include peach puree, plum puree, apple pure and carrot and rice puree
Pumpyar Viscose Media pumps
Radvin Industrial Group Food processing machineries and equipment
saffron and caviar mousavi nasab saffron & caviar & Barberry
Saloote Potato chips
Sanaye Aria Designing consulting, monitoring and manufacturing of all industrial components and equipments, investment management,consulting, engineering and construction of oil refining and processing plants, and supplying equipment, raw materials
sanayeh barsam ideh pak ( saba pack ) Design and production of cardboard packs
Sobhan Polymer Asia
Sobh-e-Sepid-e-Pars (Panel) Dairy products
Steel Bonyan Spadana manufacturing of stainless steel devices & dairy factories line
Tabrid Mohaseb Bazargani Gram cooling equipment
Tajhiz Farayand Shopping equipment
Time Machine
Toos Saffron
Tosan Pakhsh Setareh Kish Drinks
VanaPress Machine Packing Machinery
Vira Benab Food Products and organics
Yazd Osare Food processing machineries and equipment