The 26th Shiraz Exhibition of iFood Machinery and Related Industries

the 20th Edition of iPACKPRINT Mashhad
Feb 6th- 9th 2024
16 – 21
Fars international exhibition center

Fars International Exhibitions Center

Shiraz International Exhibitions Center

Fars International Exhibitions Company is the largest exhibition and economic and industrial interaction center in the southern region of the country, which aims to develop and promote the country’s science and technology and provide a suitable environment for the exchange of experiences and the introduction of various industry activists by taking advantage of the internal capacities and participation of There are reputable companies in holding international, specialized and public exhibitions. This exhibition site has the following facilities:

17000 square meters of indoor exhibition space

3000 square meters of useful open space for exhibition

2300 square meters exhibition warehouse

8000 square meters of dedicated parking for exhibitors

30,000 square meters of parking lot

Shipping services and direct mail to the prayer room, first aid center, restrooms at the game park, karting track, buffet, fast food, wireless internet service booths in all exhibition halls, insurance coverage for all exhibition visitors, control system, protection and CCTV

Post-show report of the 25th Edition of iFood Shiraz

Jan 31st – Feb 3rd 2023

6.000 sqm

Exhibition area


Number of visitors


Number of foreign and domestic exhibitors


Number of visiting countries

Exhibition Fields of activity


Raw materials and food additives - sauces, seasonings, and spices - types of dried fruits and nuts - saffron, and dates - instant foods (soups and noodles) - food concentrates and additives - seafood - rice, beans, and Cereals - all kinds of snacks, chips, puffs and crackers - oil industries and related machines - oily products (types of animal and vegetable oils) and cooking fats - halal foods - frozen foods, fruits and vegetables


Water and mineral water - juices and concentrates - non-alcoholic fruit juices - tea leaves - pressed tea (stems and leaves) - extracted tea (water or dry extract) - granulated and instant tea - aromatic tea and teas - all kinds of Coffee beans and its drinks - carbonated and non-carbonated drinks


Protein industries (types of meat products, canned meat, canned fish - types of dairy products) - cooked meat and fish - types of sausages and sausages - machinery for milk and dairy industries and cheese - butter, and cream - canned milk - products from Milk fermentation - ice creams - meat industry machines - chicken meat, eggs, and related products - packaged meat - semi-prepared meat products


Traditional bread and bakery - Flour and starch industries (starch, flour, and all kinds of flour products) - Industrial bread and dumplings - Biscuits, cakes, and cookies - Machines for flour-pasta, pasta, and lasagna industries.


Confectionery and their machines - Cocoa and chocolate products - Fruit products - Confectionery products - Honey and jams - Low-fat confectionery products - Sugar and candy


General machinery for the food industry - meat processing technology - machinery for the cold storage industry - machinery for the light food industry - additional machinery for the food industry - canning, compote, and related industries - machinery for the dairy industry - types of prepared and semi-prepared foods - distribution, and distribution Food products - relevant research centers - packaging industries (disposable containers, glass lids, all kinds of boxes and cartons, printers and coders, wrappers and films, labels, belts) - packaging, weighing and filling machines.

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